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New member - First post.

Ok so I just discovered this whole Stickies thing.

Nice way to make a point in an LJ comment. =)
So mine are pretty much aimed at being used as such.

Also I threw a couple of curve balls in there. 5 of the 14 stickies are on unusual bases. As soon as I saw the stickies, I knew the "notes" from Corkbord would be perfect for this. Dunno if anyone else likes em, but they are something different.
If interested, comment. I can post bases.
Or forget you ever saw them and we'll never speak of it again.

The 'different' ones

And one for us Gamers:

Hope those were up to par.

Would love some feedback.
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It's quite nice to see a variation from the plain ol' sticky-note base, even if it kinda defeats the point of 'stickies' ;)

These are all great, though!
Dude! I'm totally taking the "You aren't worth the XP" one! It's perfect! Also taking the sunshine one.

Wonderful! I demand more game-related stickies! Preferably the one that says what my icon says. :-D
Haha, the you make my penis soft one is so funny!
I would take it but I don't have a penis to make soft.
Why not order one?


11 years ago


11 years ago

LOVE them! :D
And I had to look twice at the X-Files joke. Yay. *g* What a great scene.
Took the icon one, will credit. And I love the "flip yourself off" one, it's funny, and the font is GREAT!
Taking a couple, thanks!
I'd love to have the celtic knotwork (pinkish colored one) base! That is too cool.

Would love to see em if you do any.
No credit needed. All I did was crop it. ;)


I am so stealing that flying monkeys one!
very nice! I love the Mulder one!

Deleted comment

stealing the flying monkeys one
Love them.

Where can I get those paper note thingys?

Snagged several and will credit.


June 23 2007, 19:19:11 UTC 10 years ago

Just found you. Love the whole shebang. Took flying monkeys 'cause it's just that kind of day.
Stealing them all - will try to remember crediting. O:-)
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