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Scribbled down for fun.

Use them, but don't hotlink please. Comment and credit if possible.

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I love the second one, but don't get the fourth. Care to explain it to a German blonde?
The Third Trimester is the legal (American) time limit for abortions...


Bad taste? Me?

Thank you!

Bad taste? Great humor, I say.

I like the stickies, but the confusion is where the hell do they legally let abortions go past the first trimester. In most states they are arguing about the second trimester being to far in to abort the pregnancy.
Fair enough - I tried to tailor it to American terminology, I know it's 6 months or so in the UK, but... different states are hard to cite. I was going by sites I googled, like:

"In the third trimester, after viability, states may ban abortions, except where the life or health of the woman is at stake. Third trimester abortions are illegal in NY and most other states. The national standard for viability is 24 weeks. Abortion foes have engineered uncertainty by lumping together second and third trimester abortions, convincing people that healthy women seek and receive "partial-birth abortions" in the final weeks of pregnancy for minor reasons. "

So it does happen, I wanted to quote the last possible timing. Maybe I'll change the wording... >.>
Taking 2 and 3, loving you for 4.
Am new to all this but love the first one. Am stealing it but will give all due credit *yoink*