А вы хотите зарабатывать с блога?

Всем привет!

Недавно заметил в блоге Игоря Бигдана рекламный баннер, где он предлагает рекламу в своем блоге. И тоже задумался над тем, как бы получить хотя бы небольшую копеечку со своего увлечения.

Наткнулся на форуме блоггеров http://www.bloggers.su/forum/ на раздел о монетизации блогов http://www.bloggers.su/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=29, там обсуждаются многие вопросы, смысл которых мне непонятен. Тем не менее, некоторые из участников озвучивали цифры, и у некоторых якобы доход с блога был такой, что с основной работы можно было уйти... я бы тоже так хотел...

Особенно заинтересовала тема: Как начать зарабатывать на блоге? В ней новичкам, в т.ч. и мне, объясняют как найти рекламодателей для блога, какими способами вообще можно заработать... короче интересно блин и перспективно, как мне кажется.

А вы что думаете об этом?

Stickies Generator updated

Due to the overwhelming amount of comments and apparent popularity of my Post-it Notes Generator, I've added a new feature:

it's now possible to change the background colour of the note.

Suggestions welcome!
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omgcp - jack

8 New Stickies!

I haven't made these in a LONG while, but I got the itch to make some. These took me a couple of minutes, actually... That'll explain why they're not the greatest. Plus, this community hasn't been active in a while so.... Might as well start something.


The rest of my Stickies!Collapse )

Base: writinchica2k
Font: Desyrel and Akbar
Credit: Please credit! I'd really appreciate it.
No hotlinking please! Also, if you have any suggestions for a stickie, I'm open to them.
Cub Hoodie

New member - First post.

Ok so I just discovered this whole Stickies thing.

Nice way to make a point in an LJ comment. =)
So mine are pretty much aimed at being used as such.

Also I threw a couple of curve balls in there. 5 of the 14 stickies are on unusual bases. As soon as I saw the stickies, I knew the "notes" from Corkbord would be perfect for this. Dunno if anyone else likes em, but they are something different.
If interested, comment. I can post bases.
Or forget you ever saw them and we'll never speak of it again.

A few more, and some F-Bombs under the cut.Collapse )
Hope those were up to par.

Would love some feedback.
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kinky stickie!!!

A few stickies...

I joined this community because I like stickies and you all like stickies so I will share...
These include my first and second batch of stickies.(24 under cut)
I didn't include custom ones I have made for people.
If you like one but don'tlike the colour, let me know, it is easy for me to change for you. ;)


Be nice, this is a recent obsession of mine...Collapse )

Please comment.
I like comments, I could care less about credits(does make me feel fuzzy inside though) but I love comments.
And if you are taking, comments ARE needed.
If you hot link, I shall smack you.
Well, not really, I'll just change the name of the file...(And yes people are actually stupid enough to do this)
lazy painter

Wakey wakey

It's been really quiet around here. This fact saddens me. So, I'm handing out some stickies that I've had sitting around. Can you feel the excitement?

-No hotlinking. You'd think most would have caught on to this but.. not so much.
-Credit would be omgz, love but not at all required.
-COMMENTS? Yus, plz. *luff*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Follow the very fake cut? )

ps, I have a few Grey's Anatomy quotes at the end. It's a fandom.. I can't help myself.
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