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Stickies: Virtual Post-It Notes

For Journals & Forums

Virtual Post-It Notes
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[ Moderator: kielle ]

Inspired by this collection here and egged on by this set here, Stickies is sort of like an icon community...only not. It's for graphics you post as comments, in lieu of a written answer. Trust us: if you click those links, it'll make perfect sense!

The Rules
  • Images can be any size, but small is recommended. That's the point.
  • No requests-only posts please!
  • However, you may offer to take requests if you like.
  • No more than three stickies above an LJ-Cut.
  • Offensive stickies are allowed, under a cut with a warning.
  • Don't hotlink -- save and upload to your own LJ.
  • If you take some, comment. And credit in your profile is nice. :)

    Quick FAQ
  • You can make these in any graphics program.
  • You can upload your stickies here.
  • That link will also help you generate HTML to post them.
  • Otherwise it's <IMG SRC="http://fullURLoftheimagegoeshere">
  • LJ-Cuts are explained here.

    Sticky Bases (Take, Don't Hotlink!)
  • Blank transparent classic from writinchica2k
  • Pretty colored batch from paradise_city