Krystle (sad_little_scar) wrote in stickies,

A few stickies...

I joined this community because I like stickies and you all like stickies so I will share...
These include my first and second batch of stickies.(24 under cut)
I didn't include custom ones I have made for people.
If you like one but don'tlike the colour, let me know, it is easy for me to change for you. ;)


Please comment.
I like comments, I could care less about credits(does make me feel fuzzy inside though) but I love comments.
And if you are taking, comments ARE needed.
If you hot link, I shall smack you.
Well, not really, I'll just change the name of the file...(And yes people are actually stupid enough to do this)
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these are so great :)

can i please have 'do not disturb' as an icon? pretty please?
And yes of course you can have it as an icon...
Just love the "Kinky" one ;)
Me too, took me a while to find a good key and lock though...
Here is another "kinky" saying. It's on a button I have [it's by nancylebov (Nancy Lebovitz] and I just made an icon from it (with permission of course).

Then nothing would be kinky to me. :(
Sorry to make you sad :(

I was thinking that (to me) everything I do is "normal" ;)
Ya, true I guess. But it is really considered kinky to everyone else on the planet...
And who care what thoses idiots think. I only care what my play partner(s) and others who "play" think :) If I worried what others think I would worry 24/7.

Well, I am paranoid and part of being paranoid is worrying 24/7, something I have always done.
I guess that can be true. There are people I don't want them to know and there are others I don't care if they know. I just at a point in my life where I don't care anymore what others think/say about me or what I do (specially in the bedroom).

I think "That will teach you to keep your mouth shut" is by far the most practically useful of the bunch. Wonderful for punctuating a vicious tell-off. :-)
Steal away if you like, I could care less.
Its what I posted them for.
haha, took the penalty box one so i can send it to a friend of mine who will enjoy it :) great job
And I hope your friend enjoys it!!!
These are great. Taking the kinky one.

Thanks :)
Thanks, and feel free to take what you like.

And you are welcome.
These are frackin' brilliant. I've taken, like, a quadzillion of them!!!!!
OMG!! I love these you just made my day! The last one is my favorite!
-squee!!- Reefer Madness! XD I'm going to wander off with that one...