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The torrent continues

Follow the fake cut ) (35 stickies in total)

The PPC ones are quotes deemed memorable from this site: Perplexcity, PPC Unforums Quotes thread (more to come).

Please comment and let me know which ones you like/ hate/ want. If you want icons, then let me know.

Make a note of which ones of mine you like, I will be conducting a poll in my entry tomorrow.

- Credit where possible (made by angelsk in stickies) - i.e: if you use them in userinfo, entries, galleries, websites, comments, etc.
- No hotlinking, please save to your own image host before using - explanation
- Bases by paradise_city
- Font: Desyrel
- Suggestions/ requests welcome (will make into icons if wanted)
- Feedback very welcome, I love getting your comments
- All my stickies
- Donations - show your appreciation of my stickies
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