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Hey, no one said anything, but I realized that this probably shouldn't be on the front page, so for those who might say something, I've put it behind the cut! I'm so caring and considerate. (hahaha) ...
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I don't get it. @_@
I get it and I think it's the shit.
it took me a second, but now I get it!
Will you be my friend?
Wait...what is it you guys get? Explain it to me. I want your opinion on what it means. <3
it took me a while (3-4 secs) to get it )))

not bad, i like it ))
..Can you explain that? 0_o
I can't, but maisak_real, _clavamox, and _______b do, so ask them (I'm waiting for them to explain it to me to.
I have a theory about what it means, but I want to know what they think it means. *gasp* What do you think??????
so that person wrote: "I love you" , but then changed his mind and said "aw fuck it"

or mabye im just really slow %)
But "aw fuck it" is first. And "I love you" is second.
so he probably wrote it that way.
you know when you make a mistake and then correct t and write the correct one above?
I'm a she. =)
And no mistake. =D
sorry %)

so im wrong?
i was laughing at the wrong reason?
ah well ))

so what does it mean then?
It can mean anything you want it to mean. =)

But, originally, I was trying to figure out my feelings. I have an issue (like a lot of people) saying "I love you". And when I finally thought I was able to say it (kind of a "fine I'll say it" thing -- hence "aw fuck it"), and then when I actually tried to say it, I couldn't (hence the love).

So yeah; hilarious. Or atleast I think it is. =D lol
english is not my first language, but that is close to my point ))

thank you !
Wow, I thought the creator was trying to underline 'love'.. and just ... didn't quite get it spot on. :(
lol, okay, I get what you mean now.
Like I said, it can mean anything you want it to.

I get it (but can't explain it). :D
The moment you get up the courage to say "Aw fuck it, I love you" the time has come to cross that word out (since it's in pen on a stickie, you can't UN say it)....

So one of those "The moment I took a chance, you ripped the rug out from under me" things...

Oh and Hi. I'm new. Just recently deiscovered "Stickies".
But this one got a comment cuz you asked! ;)